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Dealing with debris from large construction sites or simple home cleanups can be a huge hassle. That is where dependable dumpster rental services come in. 911 Junk Out provides reliable dumpster rentals Chattanooga trusts for its needs. Whether you are clearing out your garage or managing waste from a major building project, we have the right solutions to keep your site clean and organized.

We are known for excellent service and high customer satisfaction. We make sure your waste management is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your project. Trust us for all your dumpster rental needs in Chattanooga and experience a smoother, cleaner process.

dumpster rental services near Chattanooga

Online Appointments

With 911 Junk Out, you don’t have to work around our schedule, you work around your own with our easy online booking system.


Prompt & Reliable Service

We make sure of quick delivery and pickup of dumpsters to keep your project on track. Therefore, dependable service is crucial for timely waste removal. It is our priority to keep your worksite clean and efficient. Our team delivers and retrieves dumpsters promptly, allowing you to focus on your project. Count on us for prompt and reliable service every time, making sure your waste management needs are met without delay.

Extensive Range of Dumpster Sizes

We provide a variety of dumpster sizes to meet different project needs. Moreover, it is essential to have the right dumpster for projects big and small. From household cleanouts to large construction jobs, we have the perfect size for you. Our extensive range makes sure you only pay for the space you need. Choose the right dumpster to handle your waste efficiently, making sure a smooth and effective cleanup process.

Flexible Rental Terms

We offer flexible rental periods to fit your project schedule. If your cleanup takes longer than expected, easy extensions are available. Thus, it is important to have a rental term that matches your timeline. Our flexible options make sure you have the dumpster as long as you need it. Enjoy the convenience of adjustable rental periods, making sure your project runs smoothly without any time constraints.

Local Expertise

We proudly serve the Chattanooga community with local knowledge. Furthermore, supporting local businesses and contributing to the community is important to us. It is our goal to provide expert services with a personal touch. Our understanding of local needs makes sure we offer the best solutions. Choose us for waste management services that are rooted in local expertise and commitment to the community.


911 Junk Out makes the junk removal process easy for Chattanooga and surrounding areas residents and homeowners.


First, we will give you a firm quote for the job! You can schedule our junk removal or demolition services by calling (423) 244-0848 or using our Get a Free Quote Today feature 24/7


Once we arrive with the necessary equipment, you show us the junk you need to be removed, and we'll get it done right away. Our team is available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends at no additional charge.


Once we know what needs to be done, we'll start lifting and hauling everything away! We do all the lifting and loading work necessary. We will always try to arrive on time and ready to work.

Clean and Disposal

Next, we do a final check to make sure we have everything. Then, we take care of the labor and cleanup. And finally, we donate, recycle, or dispose of everything. We'll make sure we dispose of your trash in an eco-friendly way.


We make sure to treat every customer with the friendly service you would expect, and we always make sure to be respectful of your property. We are the Junk guys you can trust! All our employees are background checked and experienced so we get the job done right!
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