Getting Ready to Move? Should You Hire a Mover or Move it Yourself?

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Moving is stressful. Even if you are moving for a good reason such as moving to a new city for a better job, or getting married, and combining households, you still have things to wrap up everywhere.

The timing has to be right when you are moving too. You can’t get your belongings to the new place before you have the keys. But you have to leave your current place and hand over those keys. When should the moving truck get there? How long will it take? Should you pack the house yourself. What will the cost be of hiring a mover? Can you afford it?

Like I said, moving is stressful. You can borrow or rent a truck and pack the house and load everything into it yourself. Depending on the size of the truck you may have to find someone with a license to drive it.

Or, you can save yourself the time, effort, and trouble of moving yourself and hire someone to do it. After adding up the costs of doing it yourself, the minimal savings you’ll get isn’t worth the headache that comes with doing it yourself. Often moving without help ends up costing you more than you thought it would anyway.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Moving

Moving is more complicated than it seems, especially if you have never moved and you don’t have the benefit of experience or free help.


  • Cheaper than hiring a moving company
  • You determine the timeline
  • You control every aspect of your move


  • Rental trucks and fuel add up
  • It’s an incredible amount of work
  • Will take longer than you think

Hiring professionals to do your move for you is the less stressful way to go. Experienced movers can pack boxes quickly and safely. They know how to stack and sort and move large items from one place to another without damaging your property.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Movers 


  • They do all the heavy lifting
  • It’s less stressful and less work
  • Your belongings are insured


  • You can’t control the entire move
  • You have to work on their timeline
  • Costs more than if you do it yourself

There are several expenses associated with hiring a moving company, but it won’t be as expensive as you think. You should at least do yourself the favor of getting some estimates before you decide.

Most moving companies charge by the weight of your belongings unless it is a local move. Then they often charge per hour. They will come to your home to see what needs to be packed and loaded and give you an estimate.

If you are worried about damage to your property, you don’t have to be. Experienced movers are much less likely to cause damage to you furniture than your free help.

Movers work hard to get your belongings on and off the truck safely. They take extra precautions to not chip tile floors or scratch hardwood flooring. They can maneuver around walls without banging into them and they take special care to not break anything.

Oh, and it’s standard to tip the moving crew when they have finished, after all they’ve worked hard to get the job done for you.

Once you have your estimates and everything is in order, choose a way to move that will lessen the burden of everything that goes with a move. You are beginning a new adventure. Start it off on the right foot and your move can be flawless from beginning to end.

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