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At 911 Junk Out, we specialize in removing all types of landscapes. From mosquito-infested old ponds to unwanted retaining walls, we’ll demolish, haul away, and level the area. We can even seed the ground so that a new lawn can grow in its place. Our team loves to breathe life back into homes and businesses by removing old bushes and brush. Don’t worry about regrowth – we’ll dig out the whole root system so your shrubs won’t return.

Has your property been neglected for years? We have the equipment to clear and level any area, even those overrun with wild honeysuckle and mulberry. Reclaim your property and enjoy every square inch of it! With years of experience removing decks, fences, gazebos, concrete/paver patios, and walkways, we take joy in our work. You’ll always see a smile on our faces when we complete your next landscape demolition project efficiently.

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