The 911 Junk Out Story

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Blue Collar businesses are part of the backbone of our society. They are comprised of plumbers, landscapers, carpenters, janitorial workers and more.

They fix our busted pipes, clean our streets, manicure our lawn and keep many areas of our lives functioning without sometimes realizing it.

My parents were entrepreneurs, so looking back it’s not difficult to assess how I ended up doing what I do on a daily basis.

I run a branding and marketing agency for Blue Collar companies. I was taught to target attorneys, doctors and other White Collar clients, but somehow I ended up here, back at my own roots servicing the clients that drive trucks, push brooms, operate heavy machinery and break stuff just to clean it up and haul it away. Each client brings with them a drive, an ambition to grow. And, they bring a background of their own path that led to the daily grind of building businesses and supporting their families. This is the story of Jonathan Mendoza of 911 Junk Out and A Pro Movers.

After college, Jonathan found his path was not clear for the next steps. Originally, entrepreneurship was not on the immediate horizon; Jonathan started to apply for jobs. After several attempts, he received an offer as a manager at a restaurant, but with a degree in his back pocket and bigger aspirations, he wanted something more.

Newly married, Jonathan had to make rent and started to get innovative by flipping cars and making profit. He saw the benefits of making something his own and creating not only his own income, but the early stages of his own business. Selling cars was just the beginning. Next, a friend had approached him that worked for a tree company for 15 years, and seemed to know the industry inside and out. A partnership was formed, and Jonathan went from reselling cars to servicing the general public in his first blue collar business.

The tree business was not an easy trade. Jonathan was faced with the challenges of overhead and finding jobs to keep his business moving forward and making a profit.

Eventually Jonathan parted ways from the partnership to go on his own. He had a dump truck, a chipper and hard decisions to make. With challenges that come with owning a business, he had to make a decision of selling his vehicle and equipment or keep going. Along the way, while doing online research, he discovered how to use his truck for junk removal.

A new idea was born and Jonathan began to advertise. Quickly, he started to get jobs for sand delivery and removing debris from homes. At 27 years old and a baby on the way, he started to see additional benefits by finding reusable items for his friends and family. A sense of purpose set in as he realized that he could help the environment while helping others. And, his business endeavors did not stop with junk removal.

One day, on a large job, Jonathan needed assistance and reached out to hire a moving company that, well, never showed up. Little did he know at the time how much this would work out to his advantage. To keep his obligation to the client, he used his own truck and several trips coupled with long hours. After a long day of labor, he started a business to move the very next day. Shortly thereafter, he bought a second dump truck and 3 moving trucks.

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