6 Tips to Declutter Your Home

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Do you feel like your home is a mess? Do you have clothes, toys, and other items scattered all over the place because there isn’t enough space for them in your closets or storage units? Well, don’t worry – it’s not just you. Many people struggle with clutter around their homes. But here are 7 tips that will help declutter your home to get back on track!

1. Pick a place and start!

Before anything else, you should pick a place to start decluttering. It may be the living room, kitchen, or office – whichever area gives you the most stress right now. Pick a spot that will fit all of your items and make sorting through things in order even easier!

2. Start by sorting through the things that don’t bring you joy or have outlived their usefulness in your life

It is time to think and to decide on what to keep and what to let go of. One way to do this is by sorting through the things you are not using or piling up in your life. For example, if someone gave you a gift for Christmas and it’s not something you would ever use- consider letting that gift or item be donated to some charity or people that might need it.

3. Put all these items into two piles – one for trash, one for donations, or selling

The next step is to assess what you need to get rid of that might have some value or no longer want. If it is trash and has no use, then throw them away! If the items are still valuable and usable, you can consider them donated to a place like Goodwill or give them away to someone you know or sell some on Craigslist or eBay for more space in your home.

All you need to do is to separate it into different piles for easier access and identification.

4. Put everything else back where it belongs to avoid clutter from accumulating again later on

After assessing and putting the items on two piles, you’ll want to put everything else back where it belongs. You’ll want to create a new habit of decluttering your home every day so keep this process going until you don’t have any more items left in your home that are worth decluttering!

5. Set aside time every day to declutter as needed so that it doesn’t get overwhelming

Decluttering big piles of things over and over again without stopping can make a task seem daunting and time-consuming. That’s why it is important to set aside some time every day to declutter so you don’t get overwhelmed with more work than necessary.

6. Keep only what brings you joy; otherwise, you’ll never want to spend time at home

It takes time for your home to feel like your own personal sanctuary again but knowing that things will be easier in the long run because the free space is worth the time and effort.

Listening to your body and mind is important because they evolve. What brings you joy now might not bring the same level of happiness later on. For this reason, it’s important to declutter regularly so that you can keep only what makes sense for your current lifestyle needs.

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