How To Handle Kitchen Remodel Waste

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No one wants to think about what happens to their waste after a kitchen remodel, but it is an important step in the process. Kitchen remodels create a lot of garbage and trash that needs to be disposed of responsibly. In this blog post, we will discuss some easy ways you can reduce your kitchen remodel waste!+

1. Dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly way

When you are in the process of a kitchen remodel, it is best to recycle any metal, glass, and plastic items. For example, you can repurpose any leftover lumber by turning it into furniture or a new project. Throw away anything that is not recyclable such as food scraps, old clothes, and paper towels.

2. Donate

If you are remodeling a kitchen and have unwanted appliances, there is an easy solution. Organizations like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity take donations of new or gently used items from the public and provide them at affordable prices to people in need. They also help with home repairs, education programs, and more!

3. Repurpose any leftover lumber

Don’t throw away any leftover lumber if you don’t have time to turn the wood into something else like furniture. Grab some spray paint and make your own DIY art pieces! There are great DIY ideas online to help you get started.

4. Rent a dumpster

Dumpsters are a great way to eliminate all the waste your kitchen remodel is leaving in its wake. You can rent a dumpster for around $250 and fill it up with everything from old clothes to food scraps to appliances.

5. Hire a junk removal company

If you don’t have the time to clean up your construction debris on your own, hire a company to do it for you. Junk removal companies will pick up all your kitchen remodel waste, arrange recycling and donation opportunities, or dispose of the items if they’re not recyclable.

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